Raze 2: The Action Never Stops

raze 2

Aliens have come and it is up to you to bring them all down - preferably by negotiating with bullets, rockets, and lasers. This is Raze 2, an amazing sequel to a promising 2D action shooter that actually delivers on everything a sequel should be. It goes without saying that the third game in the series is already out and is an even bigger improvement over the previous games, but if you have yet to try out Raze 2, you should. It’s narrative value is actually well worth the effort, and the combat in this game would easily prepare you for the sequels.


The combat mechanics in Raze 2 are simple: shoot enemies, avoid getting hit. Shoot enemies enough times and they die, kill enough and you succeed in the mission. The key is to avoid getting shot at while doing this. Learning the stage layouts, finding safe positions, and keeping track of health pickup spawns is a key strategy to staying alive. This also means that players should work on their manuerving and aiming skills -being able to jump away to safety while shooting at your enemies is critical to dealing with large waves of enemies that appear later in the game.

Good AI All Over

Whether you are playing the story mode or the free battles, you have AI controlled teammates backing you up. For the most part, they will go off on their own. But the good thing is that they are also quite skilled and can handle the enemy units at a pretty even scale. This is a good thing as AI in other games tend to be a bit hard to deal with as they make illogical decisions and there are times when the gameplay made worse by the need to babysit them. In Raze 2, the AI units will hide, run around, and use good tactics when dealing with enemies. They are not infallible however, and you cannot expect to win battles simply by relying on them.

Skill Matters, But So Does a Good Rig

Very few browser games are actually worth the hardware they require to run. Fortunately, even if Raze 2 gameplay will have you vying to something much better than a regular netbook, the game is actually going to be worth the effort to do so. The controls are tight and responsive, allowing you to pull off maneuvers and attacks with ease -so as long as you have got enough RAM to keep up with this game, no LAG will slow down your gameplay.

That said, there is a lot of practice that is needed if you want to fully grasp the various nuances of the different guns (as we said, the guns work very differently from one another, so you need to see which ones use charging, which ones lose effectiveness at long ranges, which ones can lay traps, etc) and also to get a feel of the layout of the different stages. That last part, knowing the stages, matters quite a lot. Many stages have unique features like bounce pads that launch you across the map, or moving platforms, or fatally dangerous gaps/pitfalls. If you are aware of these things, then you are more likely to be able to use them to your advantage during a battle.

Graphics and sound-wise, Raze 2 is an okay game. The visuals are easy enough to understand and the layout of the user interface. The music and sound effects manage fit in with the game as well; though the bottom line is that the overall presentation is nothing to fuss about. The gameplay however, is competitive, engaging, and best of all, addictive. It is easy to lose a couple of hours into this game doing nothing but trying to score constraint headshots. The story mode also provides a pretty decent story to follow and makes for an entertaining campaign that is worth playing through from beginning to end.