Sift Heads World Act 2

Sift Heads World Act 2

The whole adventure of Sift Heads takes place in a rarely-seen first-person-shooter format and centres around completing discrete missions by following clues and evidence obtained by investigation and destruction of people in various locations on your central map. Sift Heads World Act 2 takes place almost seamlessly after the previous game's events and takes us to Tokyo where the unrelenting action continues.

The gameplay of Sift Heads World Act 2 is pretty much identical to its predecessor, with the only difference being a few of the weapons available, the enemies you encounter, and of course, the number of missions that you face. Between navigating fairly freely around the central city area that contains your hideout and various other important locations like your gun shop and various mission-critical buildings, you engage in various missions in order to show the Yakuza who's boss and to get them to leave your trio of trouble alone. The first-person shooter action is controlled with a combination of the mouse and keyboard in a manner similar to Time Crisis; press the spacebar to raise your weapon and take aim with the mouse using the crosshair to accurately direct bullets towards the enemy, and R is of course the reload button.

Instead of an upgrade system for the characters, the game relies on the acquisition of money and the spending of this money on different weapons in your gun shop. You can purchase classics like a shotgun and shurikens, and also some new items like an entry/assault shotgun, an Uzi, and a crossbow. Heading over to the clothes shop also allows you to purchase a new look, but aside from that, your character's development is pretty rigid, and the stats of endurance and accuracy that are displayed at the start are pretty much what you are struck with throughout. It's not all bad, though, since getting hold of the weapons is a mini-quest in itself, and there is also a mini-game to occupy yourself with as well.

The most distinctive thing about Sift Heads World Act 2 isn't its gameplay, but rather its unique stick-figure style that you don't frequently see in games these days. Although the stick people can occasionally look a little roughly-drawn and hurried, the in-game animation and the execution of the cut-scenes is anything but. The opening animation, for example, is an unbelievably stylish and bold introduction to the series that is extremely well put together and parodies the style of many over-the-top action movies; this cinematic opening is indicative of the general style of the game, which is one of confidence, quick pace, and absolutely full of action. action.

When there are games like this in the world, it is hard to understand why people play any shooting games that aren't first-person in format. The ability to travel around the city disguises almost makes you forget you're playing a game with a linear storyline and gives the illusion of a free-roaming style, which isn't entirely illusory since you kind of get to navigate the buildings as you see fit, but must still stick to the limits that he the game sets. If you play no other shooter title, then make sure you play this one.