Sniper Assassin: Torture Missions

Sniper Assassin: Torture Missions

The games are similar to Sift Heads in their style, but Sniper Assassin: Torture Missions is a game that deviates a little from the Sift Heads format, as well as the format of its predecessors. Sniper Assassin: Torture missions was originally supposed to be an add-on to some of the missions in the previous Sniper Assassin games but the torture-based gameplay may have been removed to make the game friendlier for younger audiences.

This game now allows you to experience the torture-based gameplay as a standalone title, and it is disturbingly fun to play.

The gameplay is unlike the shoot-em-up format of most of the Sniper Assassin main games since there is no sniping or long-range shooting, but rather a series of scenarios that require you to squeeze information out of an enemy that is withholding information. Each level in the game introduces a variety of methods to attain the information from the detainee, but all have the same goal of simply making the captive subject talk.

The game consists of different methods of torture/forceful encouragement. The most common method is of course beating up the prisoner using a variety of the indicated keys to punch, uppercut, and strike the victim in a variety of ways with batons and even electrodes. These beat-em-up scenarios require you to reduce the prisoner's 'guts' level to below his 'fear' level without depleting his health. Once you get your victim scared enough, you simply have to press the spacebar and he will talk. Other methods of torture are also included for you to try your hand at, with waterboarding and the classic water immersion technique also being employed with similar requirements as before, ensuring that you raise the fear level of the victim to beyond his level of guts and pressing spacebar.

As mentioned above, the game doesn't contain any long-range shooting since it is merely a spin-off title containing all of the torture scenes from the Sniper Assassin series in one place. You do get to shoot a gun in one of the missions, though, which involves you shooting at your victim as he rotates on a wheel, making sure to injure but not kill him. There is also a level where you must stop the victim before he hits the floor as you dangle him off the edge of a building with a rope.

The missions are actually quite fun, if a little brutal at times, but the clue to the game's content is in the title. Sniper Assassin: Torture Missions is relatively short since it is just a compilation of the mini-games from earlier in the series, but it serves its purpose as a spin-off that gives you a little more Sniper Assassin fun in a different format.